Visual Impairment
You have to experience it, to understand it

Being visually impaired is difficult to imagine and understand. Therefore, Real Cinderella launched a campaign for the Braille League that allows the general public to grasp a brief glimpse of the reality of living with a visual impairment.

Actions of this campaign mimic the sight of a person with diabetic retinopathy, which causes moving black and grey spots in the visual field. A filter that simulates this eye condition has been applied to the windows of certain b
us shelters in Brussels, Antwerp, Hasselt, Charleroi and Liege as well as the cover wrap of the popular daily newspaper, the Metro, and 2msq. posters hang in various public transportation stations.

A short video filmed to captDSC_7596ure the public’s reaction gained over 10,000 views in less than 24 hours and the campaign was heavily covered in the press with TV coverage by RTBF and VRT and in newspapers such as Le Soir, La Capitale, Metro, ZDNet and Knack.

Using conversation creativity, Real Cinderella brings the reality of living with visual impairment to the public who have never experienced it before, breathing life into the tagline:

Visual Impairment – You have to experience it to understand it.

Affichette_SLB2016_FR  Metro-cover-wrap-FR

Kapaza | Ne Kapaza! Wa is Da?

2 September 2015 Category: Work

Kapaza, one of the most-visited websites in Belgium, is one of the top leaders in online ads.

Highlighting both the brand as well as the fun and ease of the Kapaza experience, Real Cinderella developed a series of TV spots that features the Kapaza family speaking in the Kapaza “language ». In addition, radio spots feature several people who give their own definition of a Kapaza.

It’s an exploration of the usability and element of surprise that can only be found on Kapaza.

Kapaza? What is that? With this campaign, Real Cinderella breathes new life into the online ad marketplace by showing you that online ads are more than just used items. “Kapazas” are fun, memorable and of course, useful for all aspects of your life. The “Kapaza” expectation is accentuated by the empty cardboard box that contains everything to delight you and your family…from a trampoline to supplies for your new hobby (Scottish bagpipes, anyone?)

Real Cinderella identifies and defines a “Kapaza” and the Kapaza experience. With it’s catchy phrase and promise of enjoyable moments, when are you going get your own “Kapaza »?`

Memisa | Awareness campaign

2 September 2015 Category: Work


To illustrate the problems with maternal mortality, we decided to show childbirth conditions in the Southern hemisphere. Nothing is easy there. Even doing every-day life activities that we take for granted is certainly not the norm in Africa. So a simple act like bringing a life into the world in Europe is almost comparable to being executed in Africa. To raise this awareness, we decided to shock.

The result is a powerful photography taken and retouched by Jekyll n’ Hyde with an effective headline: “Childbirth doesn’t need to be an execution“.

FPS Health | Danger Symbols

17 June 2015 Category: Work

Toxic chemical household products pose a real threat, so the icons that represent the danger need to be easily understood. Since humor is universal, Real Cinderella used this approach to educate consumers about the new European danger pictographs which will eventually completely replace the old yellow and black symbols starting in mid-2015 to 2017. See symbolesdanger.be/gevaarsymbolen.be for more information.

Two 15 second television spots along with numerous print advertisements introduce and identify these new pictographs emphasizing the dangers of misinterpretation from a human perspective.
By the use of simple, yet engaging and unique hand-drawn animation, viewers are reminded to think twice before handling a chemical or toxic product.

Real Cinderella promises you: “You’ll never look at a surfboard in quite the same way!”

Real Cinderella created the Ligue Braille / Brailleliga’s 2015 campaign to highlight the reality of people who are visually impaired. This campaign recaps the day to day experience of people, who, whilst not completely blind, still suffer from a decreased ability to see clearly. Visual impairment affects over 13,000 people in Belgium and causes extreme difficulties for patients to participate in normal daily activities, such as working, shopping, and even socializing.

The 15 and 30’’ TV spots are slices of a typical life for those who live this existence of sight loss. For a few seconds, we are brought into the everyday experience of a visually impaired person who wants to see everything as clearly as we do, but simply cannot.

While it may be annoying to be temporarily blinded by the sun or to get dust in your eyes, it’s nothing compared to the actuality for thousands of sufferers of visual impairment.

Crelan | 2015 Billboards

24 February 2015 Category: Work

Standing in line at the bank is so 2014…Why not just App while you Zap?

For today’s busy individuals, multi-tasking is just pure “common sense”. So, embracing this slogan that Real Cinderella developed for the cooperative bank, a series of “common sense” billboards and online banners were launched. These advertisements feature Crelan customers using their banking App while doing a variety of other activities, such as watching TV, ironing, and even…petting the dog! In addition, these 5 sec billboarding spots were also perfectly coordinated with popular Flemish TV program.

Real Cinderella’s witty poke at our digital society demonstrates Crelan’s flexibility, modernity and also highlights its ability to fit seamlessly into your life.

Mercedes-Benz Vans | Boost Your Ambition

12 February 2015 Category: Work


For the launch the new Vito van, Real Cinderella and Mercedes-Benz decided to boost the ambition of the Mercedes’ vans users. 50 dealers invited their customers to participate in the « Boost Your Ambition »-contest. The winners were invited on the 12th February for a special event at Tour & Taxis. They had the opportunity to meet 6 olympic winners who shared with them the secrets of their success. The event ended with a gig of the famous Belgian band Triggerfinger.

Mercedes-Benz Vans | Wishes Run

12 January 2015 Category: Work

Real Cinderella signed Mercedes-Benz Vans’ end of the year greeting card.
We went the non-traditional way by turning one of the Vito into a rolling card which was meant to be signed by everyone and sent all-around Belgium. A few amused celebrities signed it too while tourists took selfies in front of it.
The online campaign was launched on Mercedes-Benz Vans’ facebook page facebook.com/MercedesBenzVansBelgium.

Real Cinderella

25 November 2014 Category: Agency


Every good story starts with a strong idea. That’s why at Real Cinderella, we believe in introducing that strong idea through plurimedia campaigns that focus on a maximum coverage. It’s what makes a good story a great one. The kind of story that triggers online and offline conversations… Something we like to call ‘Conversational Creativity’.